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11307 US Route 422 • Elderton, PA

11307 US Route 422 • Elderton, PA

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Archery Supplies and Indoor Range

4K Outdoors LLC Sells a Vast Array of Bows and Equipment

4K Outdoors LLC stocks a full inventory of archery equipment and supplies. We sell the best bows and crossbows, and we carry a wide range of arrows, targets and other archery accessories. Our bows are well-made, durable, highly accurate and come from leading manufacturers like:

  • Parker Bows
  • Bowtech
  • Parker Crossbows
  • Elite Archery
  • Excalibur Crossbow
  • Diamond Archery
  • Ten Point
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Bow Tuning and Bow Instruction Are Some of Our Services

In addition to offering the best archery equipment and supplies, the experts at 4K Outdoors LLC also provide bow tuning, string repair, arrow cutting and bow instruction. Call us at (724) 354-4665 or stop by the shop if you need services like:

Bow tuning: Includes paper tune, strings, cables, timing and serving work, D-loop, peep, module changes, limb replacement, etc.

Bow instruction: From starter to advanced shooting, we can give you expert instruction on the use of your bow.

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Shoot Your Bows at Our Fun Indoor Range

4K Outdoors LLC gives archery enthusiasts the full experience with our indoor archery range. The range is open to archers of all ages, and is a fun and challenging experience for participants. We charge $5.00 for a half hour and $8.00 for an hour, and that is based on the shooting schedule the archery league and range availability. Three people can be shooting at one time, so bring your friends.

Please read our archery range rules before using.

Shooters have to sign a waiver of liability before using. To read the document, check it out here.

Compete in Our 600 Round Indoor Archery League

4K Outdoors LLC runs a 600 round Indoor Archery League during the winter. Last season, the league ran from January 20 through March 20. Check on this site for updates, or call or stop by the shop for more information to lock in shooting times.

  • Nine Consecutive Weeks
  • Best six out of nine scores kept
  • Hunter class and open class
  • Cannot score yourself
  • Cash-only buy-in set at $20
  • Cash-only $7 each week after buy-in
  • Paying top three archers in each class
  • Payout will vary depending on number of shooters per class (10 minimum) to pay top three shooters
  • Vegas three spot targets, scoring will be done on fresh targets
  • Archers are required to sign a liability waiver to shoot at the range
  • All range rules apply
  • Spectactors are allowed but space is limited
  • Four-shooter limit per time slot
  • Pen only used in scoring
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Address: 11307 US Route 422
Elderton, PA 15736

Phone: (724) 354-4665
Fax: (724) 354-4667

Email: 4koutdoorsllc@gmail.com

Check Out Our Hours of Operation
Monday – Wednesday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Thursday – Friday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

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